40 Minimalist Kitchen Design Inspirations

Minimalist Kitchen Design Inspirations

Minimalist was a rejection of the extremely subjective designs and works of abstract expressionism. By distilling a product, painting or subject down to its bare essentials, minimalists wanted to showcase its true form.

Abstract expressionism is an approach to design that combines self-denial and emotional intensity, which produces designs that some see as chaotic, rebellious, and even nihilistic. Unsurprisingly, spontaneity (or at least the impression thereof) is the main feature of abstract expressionism.

Whether you’re moving into a smaller space, or just need to create more space in your kitchen, downsizing to a minimalist kitchen can make you happier.

So why minimalist kitchen style?

It’s simple economics: When you have less storage space, you buy less.

Even if you don’t cook as much as you’d like to, your kitchen is still one of the most-used rooms in your home. Which is precisely why simplifying this space is one of the best decisions you could ever make.

When you invest in quality cookware (as opposed to quantity) and only keep the gadgets and appliances that you truly use, you’ll be so thankful for the space that this creates in your life. A minimalist kitchen looks cleaner, more chic, a kitchen free from junk.

Storage is everything in a minimalist kitchen. Once you’ve gotten rid of all the unnecessary junk that’s been crowding your kitchen for years, it’s time to figure out how to store the items you do have. Get creative!

Making the choice to have a clutter-free kitchen will make you happier. Trust us on this one!



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