40 Incridible Rustic Chic Living Room Ideas

Incridible Rustic Chic Living Room Ideas

The phrase “rustic chic design” has been thrown around a lot lately and, believe it or not, it isn’t just exclusive to weddings anymore. While this term certainly does conjure up images of refurbished barn ceremonies and mason jar centerpieces, more recently it has also become synonymous with an eye-catching style of home décor.

At first glance, this combination of aesthetics can seem elusive to those who drool over it. It can be hard to see where the ideal balance lies between the two styles and to understand how to bring them together in a way that feels both effortlessly current and cozy.

It should be obvious from the name that rustic chic is about creating contrast. In these spaces, you need to offset more traditional, country pieces with some equally current selections. Furniture is the ideal place to give the room a modern twist because it can be seen throughout each item’s distinct attributes, such as silhouette, material or color.

Don’t be afraid to go bold here. When selecting furniture, choose pieces that would make your grandmother role her eyes. Opt for either sleek, straight lines or eye-catching, artistic curves and consider using metals like stainless and chrome to pop against natural woods.

Let us show you how to create rustic chic interiors that live up to their name and surpass expectations. If you take the tips in this article into account while you work up your design, we guarantee you’ll become a modern country master.


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