40 Stunning Farmhouse Kitchen Inspirations

Stunning Farmhouse Kitchen Inspirations

Did you know if you read the word “farmhouse” in a description of the historic house you want to buy, the term doesn’t necessarily apply to style? Farmhouse is a term used more often to describe function. Very simply put, homes built on agricultural lands were called farmhouses.

They were built out of necessity, to house and protect the inhabitants who either owned or worked the farm.
Houses that once may have been built out of mud, stone or logs could now be built with lumber, brick and quarried stone. Because people with common backgrounds settled together, German immigrants, for one, might have masonry skills. So the houses in that area would have more brick than in other areas. The farmhouse was a very practical style.
By then, pattern books were available, and landowners could pick a style they liked and buy the materials to build it. The process was what we now call eclectic; it was mix and match all the way, even with color.
Lastly, you don’t have to live on a farm or even in the country to appreciate the lived-in, cozy, welcoming look of farmhouse style. It isn’t about bright, bold colors or sleek sophistication. Farmhouse style is about walking into any room and immediately feeling at ease.

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