40 Best Modern Farmhouse Exterior Inspiration

Best Modern Farmhouse Exterior Inspiration

Modern Farmhouse is considered to be extremely popular residential style with home owners, but what exactly is Modern Farmhouse design? And how do you really capture the perfect mix of Modern and Farmhouse when decorating a home?. We’ve got you covered with tips, terms and techniques for how to make a Modern Farmhouse, inside and out.

There are a few key architectural features that truly qualify a design as Modern Farmhouse. Perhaps the most recognizable characteristic of a Modern Farmhouse is the gable roof. A gable is a ridge along the top with two sloped sides creating a triangular wall on either end. Imagine how you drew a house when you were five, that’s a gable roof.

Modern farmhouse style is interpreted in different ways in different countries. Take Scandinavian design, for example: There, the farmhouse look is more about letting the materials shine in unfussy ways, such as the simple wood planks in this nearly whitewashed floor. Plus, furniture that’s functional and beautiful—a hallmark of Swedish design—meets the requirements of both modern and farmhouse styles.

You’ll also note that Scandinavian pieces are designed to last—which is very much in tune with the farmhouse aesthetic of utility. Scandinavian farmhouse also pares down any accents—one or two rustic bowls, for example, instead of an overwhelming collection.

Here, our crew will give you some of the best examples of modern farmhouse style especially for our exterior. Enjoy !




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