40 Sweet & Romantic Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas

Are you planing to do your wedding in the backyard?

When you live in a country blessed with warm weather, natural beauty and some of the most amazing beaches on the planet you want to spend every minute you can outdoors. So it’s no wonder when it comes to popular wedding trends in many countries, outdoor weddings are right up there.

There are many styles of backyard weddings, from elegant functions to chic contemporary events, romantic garden parties to vintage-inspired soirees and everything in between. But it’s our natural backdrops, as bountiful as they are beautiful, which really make backyard weddings special.

Couples can say ‘I do’ overlooking a pristine beach or dramatic mountain range, between the lush vines of a winery or under the canopy of a tropical rain forest. But perhaps the best representation of our relaxed outdoor lifestyle.

If you ask me which wedding is number one for feeling comfy and homey all day, I’ll say that it’s a backyard one. Backyard weddings are adorably cute, cozy and won’t require a big budget – isn’t that an ideal combo?

I’ve prepared a whole bunch of backyard wedding reception ideas that can inspire you to create your own one. With round or square tables, in rustic or boho style, with lights or lanterns above – every couple will find a great idea here! If you hesitate about the weather or rain, put a tent above – or just let everybody in the house in case of rain. Get inspired, guys, and get ready for your perfect backyard!



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